Happens when the summer season is not started yet: arriving at the beach, find it totally empty and  realize in a moment that “freedom” is the only word you can think about 😉

If a four legged friend is in your company, it will think the same you do for sure: “who can stop us to start to run?!?”

Exactly … who?!

Take a look of the pics we have shot for Land Rover and  be ready for the Discovery sport model, which we have used from Milan to Venice during our “Bella Italia Tour”.

IMG_2162 IMG_2165 IMG_2168 IMG_2170 IMG_2188 IMG_2198 IMG_2209 IMG_2222 IMG_2232 IMG_2233 IMG_2237 IMG_2245


Chichi’s outfit

Zara dress

Pangaea bag

All Star shoes

Tofu’s outfit

Italia Independent sunglasses

Jacob Cohen jeans

Uniqlo t-shirt

Hypto Krypto  surfboard