Back to school.

Back to the city.

Back to the reality!

Holidays are definately finished and it’s time to focus on the next working season which is already (unfotunately too much early!) arrived.

But we are ready and full of energy to deal with!

We have decided to enjoy last sunny-metropolitan-days in the city going around our Milan in the most “green” and conscious way possible.

Are you asking how is it possible?

Going around driving the new Kia Soul Eco Electric!

This was the first time we have driven a 100% electric car and we have to say that … it was fantastic!!!

When we usually listen talking about electric cars, the perception is like thinking about something “for the next future” but the point is that they are the present!

It’s incredible how you can easiliy re-charge cars like this type with a simple plug at your home!

And you know what it’s absolutey fantastic? That you can go around everywhere respecting totally the nature and the environment.

This was a totally “green” experience .. what are you waiting for? Go to try it and live yours! 

IMG_2478 IMG_2481 IMG_2494 IMG_2503 IMG_2511 IMG_2516 IMG_2597 IMG_2607 IMG_2619 IMG_2628 IMG_2737


Special thanks to Kia

Chichi’s outfit

Vogue Sunglasses

Cristiano Burani dress

Vintage Bally bag

& Other Stories shoes


Tofu’s outfit

Redelè sunglasses

Gap T-shirt

Jacob Cohen trousers

Adidas Original shoes

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