The chip we like most, puts on the “Santa Claus” outfit to wish you all the best Christmas ever!

We’re talking about San Carlo which always knows how to surprise us!

This time has choosen the Christmas time to organize something really nice and unique just for some friends (us included of curse!) and “l’apertivo all’itlaliana” has taken place at “Presso” in Paolo Sarpi here in Milan.

Waiting for us, there were the incredilbe chef Roberto Valbuzzi and the sweet wedding planner Giorgia Fantin Borghi.

The first has showed us some tasty recipes using the San Carlo chips as main ingredient. You cannot imagine what happens putting together chips, lobster and pumpking cream!!! He has cooked right infront of us and it has been amazin!

The second one has explained us the “good manners” during dinners, business lunch, breakfast and of curse, parties J

She has been fantastic and has teached us a lot of things to take in mind everyday. In addiction to that, has given us the possibility to “express” our personality trough our seat.

What we mean? An incredible table with Christmas decorations was positioned in the centre of the big room and we’ve got the chance to decorate our plate and to prepare our special chip receipe!

Take a look of all pics to see best moments we have spent there!

In the meanwhile San Carlo and us wish you Merry Christmas!!!!!

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