When the Estée Lauder team has contacted us to propose me a 360° experience of beauty trought their products hosted in one of the best Beauty Store Sephora here in Milan … I’ve immediately accepted!!

The appointment was in C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, in one of my fav Beauty Store Sephora in the city. Why? I like it af first because it’s exactly in the centre (strategic position!) and it alwasy full of people with a magic atmosphere. The perfect place to don’t go out from, without have bought something before!

There were, in addition to a big number of people, two fantasic girls (Serena and Tania) which were waiting for me. Tania in particular has taken 100% care of me for the whole evening and I can absolutely tell you that she is great: she is one of the best make up artist I have ever met.

The first step was the: “cleaning section” using “Take it Away” by Estee Lauder, a fantastic makeup remover lotion. I have a very and extremely delicate skin, but I have to say that it was very soft and quick to remuve the make up and I had no problems at all!

The second step was the “massage section” (my fav one!!!) using “New Dimension” by Estee Lauder, a shape + fill expert serium. It was, litereally, a totally cuddle!

Tanias’ hands and this fantastic produc were the best combination to take off all stress, after a long and hard working day.

Than Tania and me discussed about the kind of make up to choose for the night and I have optioned a very “simple nude make up” but with something special: amazing red lips!!!!

She has showed me the incredible new collection of Pure Color Envy, lip liquid potion by Estee Lauder (it’s incredible!!!) and I have chosen the “Lethal red” number 330!

And later Tania has convinced me to add the smokey eyes!!!

Well …. Take a look of the pics and see the final risult!!!!

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