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Merry Rustica, Merry Christmas!

The chip we like most, puts on the “Santa Claus” outfit to wish you all the best Christmas ever! We’re talking about San Carlo which always knows how to surprise us! This time has choosen the Christmas time to organize something really nice and unique just for some friends (us included of curse!) and “l’apertivo all’itlaliana” has taken place at “Press[...]

Happy hour with Disaronno Sour!

Best moment of the day is happy hour time. During the summer the perfect place where to enjoy a cocktail is an “open air” one. And which better place than a terrace? Try the new Disaronno Terrace in Milan! Tofu and me discovered it and followed in love with its amazing view on Idro Montanelli gardens. Live music to listen, cool people to meet, frien[...]