Italian, as we are. And life, the very best thing we have, to live as best as we can.

And style, something that shouldn’ t be taken too seriously, but just enjoyed.

The Italian Lifestyle.

As simple in concept as it is unique and inimitable.

Loved throughout the world. Pursued, imitated and envied.

Gastronomy. Fashion. Design. Art. Culture and tradition.

A journey through the “Made in Italy lifestyle”, seen through the eyes of those who embody this carefree way of life, day by day.

Her: Chichi. Him: Tofu. Common factor: crazy in love with each other and life in general.

Both hail from Venice are currently based in Milan. They left behind the lagoon harbouring, the Gondolas and water taxis, whiz around city streets in the quintessential Vespa.

There is not better fit then this young couple to catapult readers into the “good life” of Italy, as they share it with the rest of the world.