Being catapulted into the ‘30s on board of a typical Milanese tram” … is not a fable beginning, but a true story.

San Carlo, the popular chips brand born like a Rosticceria in Milan, made it possible! They have invited us to join an incredible ’30s style tram tour around the city centre during the happy hour moment.

The event has been organized to lauch the new chip “1936 Antica Ricetta” which, as the name says, was invented in the ‘30s, that’s why this style period was the file-rouge of the evening.

Seeing all guests wearing this kind of outfit was amazing and going around the city centre admiring the metropolitan sunset on board of a tram only for us, having “spritz” and chips was incredible: beautiful people, acrobatic barmans, live music performance by three talented guys and this old style atmosphere … all these details made this experience incredible.

Take a look of the pics and see how it was!

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